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Juan Antonio Monroy on Fidel Castro

In September, 2014 I interviewed Spanish journalist Juan Antonio Monroy in Abilene, Texas for Herald of Truth Ministries. Monroy shared the story of his encounter with the late Fidel Castro at a gathering in Nicaragua. Monroy is also an evangelist and in 1994 was looking to get a visa to enter Cuba and preach in Cuban Churches of Christ.

In 2009 I worked with the Herald of Truth covering these churches. It was a fascinating look into a semi-indigenous Christian faith culture. After Castro came to power in 1959, United States based evangelistic activity largely came to a halt. USA based Churches of Christ, however, continued to work in Cuba through Herald of Truth and within the island nation through small, local Church of Christ communities. Apparently the Churches of Christ’s non-denominational approach to organization (no central office or hierarchy) failed to raise red flags with the Castro government. Monroy’s Herald of Truth radio broadcast are still popular among Cuba’s growing evangelical minority.

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