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LSSI Amicus Certus Transforming Lives for 150 Years

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, one of my favorite clients, asked me to produce their annual Amicus Certus video about the great work with Post-Adoption, Adoption Preservation, Search and Reunion Services and Birth Mother’s Support Groups.

When a cholera epidemic hit Northwest Illinois over 150 years ago, Lutheran congregations rallied together responding to the needs of children who’s parents had died. On October 31, 1867, the doors of a new orphanage opened in Berlin, Illinois to receive these children. This small step marked the beginning of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois legacy of service to people in communities across the State.

Throughout it’s 150 year history, LSSI has followed the mandate of it’s mission, to respond to the Gospel by bringing healing, justice and wholeness to people and communities.

This 2017 Amicus Certus (Latin for “True Friend”) video tells the story of LSSI’s on-going Adoption Services program.


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