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Faraja School: Senorina Laurent

The Faraja School is one of only two primary schools in Tanzania that serve children with disabilities. Senorina Laurent is an Occupational Therapist and helps children adapt to their environments and gain independence

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Bethesda Lutheran Communities: Journey to Independence

This is a story I recorded for Bethesda Lutheran Communities, a Watertown, Wisconsin based organization that serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. After eight years of home ownership Ken Larson, Dick Servatius and John Zidlicky are living lives that amaze their families, inspire friends and energize Bethesda Lutheran Communities’ staff. For the three men, owning their home is the culmination of a lifelong journey to independence, one grounded in personal choices, support from families who love them, and an ongoing trust in Bethesda.

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Advocating for the Deaf: Rehema’s Testimony

Advocating for the Deaf: Rehema’s Testimony
CBM US, asked me to record this story at a disabilities forum at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. The event took place in advance of the 2012 International AIDS Conference.

Rehema works with Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT), the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in that nation. CBM US partners with organizations like CCBRT at the local level. Every year, around 120,000 adults and children with disabilities and their caregivers achieve a better quality of life through CCBRT services.

My friend Cynthia Ebema narrates on behalf of Rehema.

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Bethesda Lutheran Communities, Boy Family

My friend and colleague from our days together at the ELCA Lutheran Center, Sue Edison-Swift, asked me to help her new employer, Bethesda Lutheran Communities, tell stories about their work. The mission of Bethesda Lutheran Communities is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.

This is the story of Leigh Boy and his parents. Leigh lives in a Bethesda group home near Houston, Texas. His parents, now older adults, talk about the importance of knowing that their son, Leigh, is well cared for now, and will continue to be well cared for after they can no longer take care of him themselves.

Jan Nowak, a producer and communicator with Bethesda, coordinated the production and conducted the interviews.

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