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After Prison, Responding with Faith (Full Program)

In this new documentary I produced for WTTW Channel 11, the Chicago Sunday Evening Club presents the stories of three faith communities that are doing the difficult, but necessary work of healing the lives of ex-offenders, and standing with them as they reenter society. Our hope is to engage with communities of faith in deep dialogue around these issues.

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Sanctuary: Worker Justice

Meet three three dynamic women advocating for justice in the workplace and in immigrant communities. Kim Bobo is the Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice, CJ Hawking is the Executive Director of Arise Chicago and Elena Segura works with the Office for Immigrant Affairs in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Sanctuary, is an in-depth documentary program that focuses on issues and ideas at the intersection of life and faith broadcast on ABC, WLS-TV,  and Channel 7.  This episode of Sanctuary is a production of Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries and Tim Frakes Productions and aired on Easter Sunday, March, 31, 2013 at 1:00 p.m., ABC7 Chicago.

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Gun Violence: The Faith Response

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn tragedy, I am re-posting this link. Gun Violence: The Faith Response is a half-hour documentary I produced this fall for Sanctuary, an in-depth documentary program produced by the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries on issues and ideas at the intersection of life and faith broadcast on ABC, WLS-TV, and Channel 7.

Between January and September 2012, Chicago Police reported 2,632 weapons violations committed on the cities streets, parks, schools, homes and public buildings. In the same period, 384 were killed and 1895 were wounded.

The Emergency Stop the Violence Summit at historic First Baptist Congregational Church on the cities near west side drew religious leaders from Christian, Jewish and Islamic communities, as well as police, government and civic leaders. The event also featured three victims of gun violence. These are their stories of faith, grief and hope.

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Immigration Protest Chicago

Tuesday, May 15, 2012. I took a morning Metra train downtown to hunt for early NATO protestors. A demonstration was scheduled for Federal Plaza. Apparently organizers couldn’t get their act together and the place was empty. Armed with my camera and Twitter, I learned that an immigration protest was brewing over on W. Van Buren Street. This is some of the raw video I recorded. www.frakesproductions.com

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Seminex: Memories of a Church Divided

This is a preview of a documentary I am currently working on about a divide in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in the 1970′s.

On February 19, 1974, students and faculty at the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod’s St. Louis Concordia Theological Seminary marched through the campus – out the doors of an institution, church body and well established educational system – and into self-described exile.  
This story begins in the 19th Century when a new method of Biblical interpretation known as the “historical-critical method”, tore many Protestant churches apart.
Were Adam and Eve real people? Was Jonah actually swallowed by a fish? Or, did ancient authors reflect their own historical situation when addressing the people of their time and place?

For Missouri Synod Lutherans, the full impact of these theological debates and culturally conservative verses more modern world views came to a head decades after other church bodies had divided and drifted apart. 
The debate ruptured the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod at a time of vast American cultural and social upheaval: Viet Nam, the Civil Rights movement and Watergate. For many students, faculty, administrators and Lutherans throughout North America, the events in St. Louis took a personal toll. The walkout would divide families, split congregations and have a lasting impact on the future of the church.

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Iraqi Voices Amplification Project

In October 2009, a small group of artists-photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and new media specialists traveled to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria with Intersections International to meet and interact with displaced Iraqi refugees and to hear their stories.

(Short Version 7:38)

(Long Version 16:00 ) (Turn off the HD button if you experience buffering issues.)

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Forbidden Family

Forbidden Family is a story about the separation barrier and its effect on one Lutheran Palestinian family. I produced this video for the ELCA in 1995. This December I will be producing a new advocacy video for “Peace Not Walls.” This ELCA sponsored group advocates for peace and justice in the Middle East. In Feburary, I may be returning to Jerusalem to record footage with a delegation of Lutheran Church officials.

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Ready to Forgive: An African Story of Grace

This is the short version of a documentary Jim Quattrocki and I began recording in Northern Uganda in October, 2006. Kevin Jacobson helped with logistics. Jim Parks edited the progam and wrote some of the music.

This is an African story of God’s amazing grace. Northern Uganda has been at war for twenty years. Those most affected, a tribal people known as the Acholi, or Luo people, endure rape, torture, and child abduction. Thousands have died. Others are missing. Two million people are displaced.

Most live in squalid camps for internally displaced persons, protected by government soldiers they often fear more than the rebels. Despite all this, the Acholi are united in the belief that the only real solution to the problem is reconciliation and forgiveness. The Acholi are ready to forgive.

For more on this documentary go to the ELCA web site: www.elca.org/mosaic/uganda

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Night Commuters in Northern Uganda

This short clip is from a documentary I am producing for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It will air on NBC next fall. Each night hundreds of children come to night commuter centers run by the Church of Uganda. The are looking for a safe place to spend the night.

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