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Leaders For The Next – Chicago Theological Seminary June 2017

Here is a video I produced for 31 Lengths, a New York based ad agency. Our client is the Chicago Theological Seminary. CTS is committed to preparing leaders for the Next generation of ministry by teaching a progressive, forward-thinking, philosophy.

We recorded stories with CTS graduates here in Chicago, Montgomery, Alabama and Portland, Maine.
CTS proactively takes on issues of social justice and helps individuals discern and evolve their faith for the future. Whether your interest is in ministry, social justice, community activism, or serious religious scholarship, CTS will take you to the Next.

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Franciscan Outreach

Here is a video I produced for Franciscan Outreach, one of the oldest and largest providers for men and women who are homeless in the Chicago area. For more than 53 years, Franciscan Outreach has provided men and women experiencing homelessness with the critical services they need to improve their lives. Franciscan Outreach meets people where they’re at and assist them on their journey as they strive to gain stability, security and independence. They provide meals, shelter, shower facilities, laundry services, mail services, access to health care and case management services, helping thousands of individuals who are homeless make positive changes in their lives.

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US Pakistani Interreligious Consortium (UPIC) Retrospective -2017

The US Pakistani Interreligious Consortium (UPIC) Retrospective -2017 was created for the Intersections 10th Anniversary Intersections International Gala. The video covers four trips I made to Pakistan with Intersections between 2013 and 2017. Writer/Editor: Kierra Parlagreco; Camera/Sound: Tim Frakes; Voice Over: Kat Harrington; Sound Mix and Design: Kelly E. Harnett; Music: VideoHelper

What Will Happen if DACA is Cancelled?

Here is a video I produced for World Relief about DACA, also known as the Dream Act.

Liz Dong is a member of Wheaton Chinese Alliance, part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance – the same denomination I am a part of.

Following the November election, I was eager to find a way to voice my dissent in positive ways. When World Relief called, I jumped at the opportunity to make a resource that speaks both to my political views and my calling as a Christian to “do” justice, love mercy and walk humbly.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is an executive order implemented by President Obama in 2012 to temporarily protect from deportation undocumented immigrants who were brought into the US as children.

To qualify for DACA, candidates must have come to the US before age 16, are in school or have a high school degree or GED or have been honorably discharged from the US military, and are no threat to national security or public safety. DACA applicants go through biometrics background checks and pay a few hundred dollars in processing fee every two years for application and subsequent renewals.

Under DACA, qualified individuals have been able to attain work permits, driver’s license, and pursue higher education, allowing them to come of the shadows, out of constant fear of deportation and separation from family, to lead productive lives and contribute more to their communities. To date, over 740,000 individuals have been approved for deferred action. DACA recipients, also known as DREAMers, are working as teachers, doctors, artists and starting businesses as entrepreneurs and innovators.

President Donald Trump has promised to undo all executive orders, including DACA, immediately upon assuming office. Cancelling DACA or letting it expire without a permanent solution in place will remove temporary legal status and work authorization for DREAMers.

This would not only devastate the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals who did not have a say in coming to America as children, but also harm the US economy by removing these productive workers and consumers. One study has found that ending DACA would wipe away at least $400 billion from the U.S. GDP cumulatively over a decade.

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RAMCEL Engineering

Frank Bachochin from Excel Marketing Services asked me to produce a series of business-to-business marketing videos for Northbrook based Ramcel Engineering. Ramcel Engineering is a leader in custom metal stampings, custom tooling and automated assembly. It was fun to tour the facility and get a close-up look at the face of US manufacturing including some of the latest in robotic and digital print technology.

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How’s this for a selfie?

How’s this for a selfie? Working on a documentary on the history of WCFC TV38, I unearthed these vintage 1980’s stand-up’s featuring your’s truly as a cub reporter on the weekly news magazine, Page Two. We covered all kinds of stories, often with a conservative bent that makes me cringe these days. Thanks to Wade Bobbitt, David Oseland and Clark Gray among many others for help getting my career launched and not making too much fun as I played “reporter.”

Missional Ecumenism: The ACT3 Cohort

John H. Armstrong asked me to put together this video describing the ACT3 Cohort. The cohort is an intentional Christian community, lay, clergy, Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox, men and women, who come together for the purpose of pursuing a vision of Missional Ecumenism. It’s the idea that Christ’s church does not have a mission – the church is mission. For more information go to: www.act3network.org

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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, Remember the Dreamers in your Prayers

Friday, December 2, 2016, I recorded Illinois Senator Richard (Dick) Durbin at the Chicago Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

The program airs twice. December 18 and December 25 at noon on ABC-7.2 Live Well Channel.
In his remarks, Durbin challenged assembled Chicago business and religious leaders to remember “…the 40,000 people who awakened this morning in our state of Illinois in fear. 40,000 dreamers. Forty thousand young people protected by President Obama’s order. They are undocumented. They are in America. They know no other county. They were brought here as children. and they are asking for a chance to be a part of our future. 40,000 in Illinois, 740,000 nation wide. It will take prayers and good work to make their dreams a reality. Let’s remember them in our prayers this morning.”

Be sure to watch the next Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries, Sanctuary now on the ABC Live Well Network. Greater Chicago Broadcast has partnered with the Chicago Sunday Evening Club to present their annual Chicago Leadership Prayer Breakfast featuring keynote speaker Cardinal Blase Cupich.
The program airs twice. December 18 and December 25 at noon on ABC-7.2 Live Well Channel.
In Chicago, the Live Well Network is on the following channels:
Over the air: 7.2, 7.3
Charter: 608, 968
Comcast: IL- 193, 217, 244, 345; IN- 217, 345
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WOW!: 101, 219

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Juan Antonio Monroy on Fidel Castro

In September, 2014 I interviewed Spanish journalist Juan Antonio Monroy in Abilene, Texas for Herald of Truth Ministries. Monroy shared the story of his encounter with the late Fidel Castro at a gathering in Nicaragua. Monroy is also an evangelist and in 1994 was looking to get a visa to enter Cuba and preach in Cuban Churches of Christ.

In 2009 I worked with the Herald of Truth covering these churches. It was a fascinating look into a semi-indigenous Christian faith culture. After Castro came to power in 1959, United States based evangelistic activity largely came to a halt. USA based Churches of Christ, however, continued to work in Cuba through Herald of Truth and within the island nation through small, local Church of Christ communities. Apparently the Churches of Christ’s non-denominational approach to organization (no central office or hierarchy) failed to raise red flags with the Castro government. Monroy’s Herald of Truth radio broadcast are still popular among Cuba’s growing evangelical minority.

CITGO Lemont Generations of Service

The CITGO Lemont Refinery has been serving the Lemont, Romeoville, Lockport and Joliet communities for 90 years. This video profiles three families that represent generations of service at the refinery.