Tim Frakes Productions

Stephen Padre, Rural Community Assistance Partnership
“Tim Frakes provides comprehensive video-production services in a “one-man band” – no big departments or bureaucracy to deal with – just one-on-one, personalized service. And he’s not a producer who will churn out your product with a cookie-cutter approach. Tim actually gets into the subject matter and becomes passionate about it, so you end up with a better product that has his passion as much as yours in it.”

Steve Rusk, CFRE, Sr. Vice President, Client Services
Meyer Partners – Integrated Fundraising Communications
“Working with the talented Tim Frakes is both a blessing and a privilege. Tim is a creative problem-solver who clearly understands the artistry and science of communicating emotionally and effectively through sight and sound. I highly recommend Tim to any organization that is looking for innovative solutions delivered with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. He is truly a gifted and knowledgeable videographer and editor — on par with any of the best I have worked with at some of the top video editing facilities in Hollywood.”

Laura Reilly, Bethesda Lutheran Communities
“Tim, I actually just showed the videos to my colleague – VP of Religious Life and Church Relations – and he was sobbing at the end. That’s truly the sign of great video production. We all enjoyed working with you. The videos you produced are wonderful and will help us tell Bethesda’s story in a much more meaningful way.”

Jan Hubbard, Good News Partners
“I can testify to the wonderful job you did with the video you did for Good News Partners. I am pleasantly surprised that every time I show it, no matter what size group it is, they applaud when it is done! You hit all the right cords, Tim. Thanks!”

Mary Lindberg Carlson, Freelance Writer
In the midst of all the daily details of being a mom, chaplain and writer, I must take a moment to send you a note about how much I liked the videos. I think you edited them beautifully (even without my help in the editing room). As I was writing the learning events, the videos helped me to “make it simple.” You found some great people and captured little pieces of their souls and authentic feelings about living and giving. Nice! I think the video clips will really help people think about the subject, starting where they can—in reality. It’s fun to see how experience—both video production and faith experience—have shaped you and taught you how to share God’s message.”

Bob Sitze  (New Congregations)
“Tim Frakes produces award-winning videos that capture the essence of the subjects he films. His no-nonsense style of work matches perfectly with his high integrity, eagerness and deep interest in what he films. Every production that Tim has developed has been a winner for my purposes.”

Don Hancock (Performance Communications)
“Tim is an outstanding producer/director/writer who communicates the intended message clearly. Reliable, honest, energetic and extremely talented are only a few of the appropriate, positive descriptions of Tim. I HIGHLY recommend him and his work.”

John Koh (Mission Investment Fund)
“Writer. Producer. Editor. Tim excels in each role, and he’s great with a camera too. Most of all, he’s a great storyteller who ensures that your message gets heard and gets results.”

Stuart Wright (Episcopal Diocese of Maryland)
“Tim’s patience with a communications novice (me) was much appreciated. Thanks to his careful work, a video was developed to help new employees feel welcome and understand the history and culture of the organization.”

Ben McDonald Coltvet (ELCA Communication Services)
“Tim has worked on several projects for ELCA Communication Services. He does great work and is very adept at listening to what we, the client, want, and then working to achieve that end on time and within budget. He brings his natural curiosity to every project and has an uncanny knack for bringing out the best in the people he captures on tape.”

Jenny Williams (Freelance Writer and Developmental Editor)
In the two weeks I worked with Tim in Uganda, I was very impressed by his vision and film-making capabilities. He showed enormous generosity and authenticity toward the people who would become the subject of the documentary “Ready to Forgive.” He brings great care and professionalism to the work he does.

Ava Martin (ELCA Communication Services)
“Tim’s work is excellent. He is talented, creative, innovative and intuitive. He can take a concept and develop it from start to finish. Tim has traveled across the globe producing video projects on the ground in Uganda, Rome, Germany and South America. His word is his bond, he will always deliver and let you know upfront if there are any questions or issues. I really enjoy working with Tim as a colleague and as an independent contractor. His work is wonderful.”

Tim Frakes Productions